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Welcome to Transafrika Cultural Institutes

The photo above, titled, “Peace Wanted Alive” was taken by Transafrika board member Steve Baroch on a trip to Kibera, the slums of Nairobi. Steve and Patrick Amisi distributed 1200 pounds about 540 kg of books, medical supplies, books, clothes, school supplies and computers to projects in Kenya. These boys, in one of the schools Transafrika supports, are reading a book that Steve and Patrick brought to them. This photo has been selected “Best Photo of 2009” by the publication “The Rotarian” which has almost 500,000 readers. To read more about Steve and Patrick’s trip, please click here.

To view and purchase this and other photos from Steve Baroch’s Transafrika Collection, click here. Proceeds from all sales go to support Transafrika’s projects in Africa.

Transafrika is a US based non-profit organization devoted to 3 unique goals:

  •  Continuous and on-going support of specific schools in Kenya. We provide books, clothes, computers and medical supplies donated by individuals in the US to advance the education and maintain the health of these children.
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  •  Development of a facility in Ngong Town - Kenya which will supply housing and education to children who are orphaned or who are refugees from Political Strife and Environmental Disasters in Eastern Africa.
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  •  Interchange of Culture between the US and Africa. Trans-Afrika Cultural Institute has sponsored numerous Art Shows and Concerts giving both cultures exposure to each other. We are looking to establish a Transafrika Cultural Center in Denver for cultural exchange and as a resource center.
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Our Mission is to passionately strive towards improvement of lives in Disadvantaged Communities,
for a better tomorrow….